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True Stories:

Diary of a Drama Queen

12 August
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Hello! My name is Monique and I was born and raised right outside of Lafayette, Louisiana. I moved away to college in Natchitoches, Louisiana. It's the town that the movie Steel Magnolias was filmed in. It's this great little town. Tiny. Not much to do. But, thank God, I made some wonderful friends. Friends that have my back. All the time. No questions asked. Those years were very big stepping stones in the path of my life. It's weird to think that now we're so seperated but one day we'll all be together again, like we so often are, and it will be like we were never apart. After college I moved back to Lafayette and got a great job working at APEX Freight Services as a Customer Service Representative. I'm happy and making it. Something that's not to be laughed about these days.